You can call me Laura...

I'm not unlike your typical 66 year old South Florida grandmother. I bake cookies for my grandchildren, go for afternoon walks with my husband of 35 years around Miami Beaches and oh, last week I was sent on an undercover mission in New York City where I've infiltrated a multi-billion dollar corporation whose tentacles reach some of the most powerful organizations in the nation. No I'm not on crack, this is really my life.

I cannot tell you my real name, because I put not only my life but the life of my beloved family in danger, so let's just call me Laura Lanfield, P.I. Even some of my closest friends have no idea. I've kept it a secret from

the world all these years. In fact, the truth is there are people who if they knew what I was exposing they would have me and my family killed immediately - no questions asked. But this story must be told and in fact because I put my life on the line every day I want the story told before it's too late. I want my grandchildren to have a legacy and be proud of their grandmother because in this crazy detective business I live I could be gone at any second.

I've just published the third edition of my first book in a true-crime series called "Bail Bonds Babylon," exposing my life as one of Miami's first female bondsmen, and how I became one of the top under cover private investigators in the country. My next book South Beach Lady P.I. is finished, and will be published in late 2011 and the next time you see a little old lady walking hand in hand with her grandchildren take another look, It could be me.

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This is a great book for anyone looking for true crime or an inspiring story of how one woman, a single mother created a life for herself that one could only dream of.

- Jeff Rivera (Author of FOREVER MY LADY) Read Jeff's interview with Laura